Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How Water Could Influence Your Landscaping

Gardens and lawns are increasingly becoming an integral part of homes as people are looking to make them more interesting and inviting. Starting from taking refuge into the greens from the daily grind, to hosting parties and barbecues to have a great time with friends and family, people are putting their turfs to good use. No wonder that the demand for professional landscaping services is on a steady rise as these experts can not only help you advice about the type of water feature your landscape would look best with, but also assist you to choose the right placement and options that fit your needs and budget. 

If you are still wondering why you need to add a water feature to your landscape, there are many reasons to do so. To begin with, the aesthetic appeal of your landscape will get greatly enhanced by adding a water element to it. Apart from giving your space a distinctive character of its own, water features could also act as a focal point of your garden. There are a wide variety of water features available in the market, from which you can take your pick. Starting from small fountains and water gardens, to cascading waterfalls and winding riverbeds, you can have them all and more to choose from. You may even add fishes or grow aquatic plants to make the entire setting look more appealing. Water features can often act as a point of attraction for wildlife, though owners may prefer to enclose their water features by boundaries to prevent stray animals and the neighbor’s pet from getting access to the place.

Here are some ideas for installing water features in your landscape, which if done the right way, can add an element of beauty and serenity to your outdoors:
  • Water Fountains: This is one of the most common ways of enhancing the beauty of your landscape. You can make it more interesting by getting it surrounded by a rock garden or a flower bed. You can install such fountains amidst a flower bed, or beside a fence line or garden wall. Such a water feature can add unmatched dimension and some color to your garden.
  • Waterfalls: Do you love the sound of rushing water? If yes, this is your best bet. If you have an elevated section on your landscape, you can ask your landscape professional to install a waterfall there which would flow into your swimming pool or pond, if you have either of them. Alternately, you can use medium and large-sized boulders like quartz or river rocks to create a slope for your waterfall.
  • Water Gardens: If you have a penchant for growing unusual plants and nurturing fishes, you can opt for a water garden. This will give you the chance to create your own unique ecosystem complete with aquatic plants and fishes. Such gardens will give you the perfect excuse for cultivating cape-pondweed, water chestnut, water lilies, floating heart – an exotic variety of aquatic plant etc to make your landscape stand apart from that of others’.
  • River Rock Riverbed: You can ask the landscape company your have hired to create this rustic water feature with a distinct look where the water is guided to flow into the riverbed. You may either opt for a riverbed that flows along the perimeter of your property or make it situated at the heart of your garden, which acts as a focal point of attraction.
Though you can always learn to install a water feature the DIY way, it’s advisable to get it done by hiring an experienced and reliable landscaping professional. This way, you can rest assured of value for money and a structure that will keep you and your guests enthralled for a long time to come

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