Thursday, 9 May 2013

Garden safety - Maintaining Your Barbeque

The most common thing people do in summer is to have their barbeque scheduled to be enjoyed in the evenings. However, it should be remember that this calls for safe as well as preventive measures, as careless barbequing and camping can result in fatal incidents. Garden fire accidents have destroyed huge countryside areas in the past including delicate ecosystems and properties. While you enjoy your outdoor cooking and activities, it is extremely important to ensure that safety measures are in place. 

Maintenance of Barbeque

One of the important things to remember while buying outdoor cooking equipments for BBQ is to look into the various types that are available, and see which ones suit your outdoor setup the best. Each type of equipment has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on specific setups. For instances, when you look for a BBQ made of stainless steel, remember to check the grade of the steel and its maintenance features. Nevertheless, irrespective of the type of BBQ you choose, it is essential for you to maintain it as specified by the manufacturer. After all, regular maintenance would ensure high safety and durability of the BBQ.

Hiring Professional Services for Barbeque Maintenance

At times, your schedule may not give you enough time to maintain your BBQ, and you may notice grease settled all over it, which in turn would make it highly prone to fire accidents. It would not offer a hygienic setup for cooking too. Under such circumstances, hiring a professional company offering BBQ maintenance services would be a prudent choice.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Service for Maintaining your Barbeque

There are various benefits of hiring a professional service provider for maintaining your barbeque, which include:
  • They are experienced and know exactly what type of chemicals to use to clean the greased area of your barbeque. Most often, best professional services use only non toxic solutions to clean BBQ, as it does not cause any reaction while cooking, and is a safe and healthy option for you.
  • They also take care of replacing broken or worn out parts of the barbeque without you having to worry about it.
  • They offer regular maintenance without you having to call them; which in turn ensure a very clean and safe BBQ and garden space.
  • The professionals can remove scratches on the steel surface, and make it look like a brand new one.
DIY BBQ Safety and Maintenance Tips
  • Gas Cylinders: If you use a gas cylinder for BBQ, make sure you check the tube and valve position before you start and after you finish cooking.
  • Charcoal: When you use charcoal, make sure it has completely died down and is grey before you place food in it; otherwise, it will cause more smoke, which won’t be good for your lungs.
  • Safe Cooking: Avoid direct cooking where meat fat might drip into the BBQ, as this may cause sudden flare-ups, which will make your food get burnt and also spell danger.
  • Placement of BBQ: Be sure that your BBQ is installed in a safe and suitable place in your garden, where it is safely away from trees, fences, etc; you may hire a professional landscaping company for the installation, if you wish to.
  • Water Access: Ensure that the BBQ is placed where a flowing water supply is at a reachable distance; this will be useful during unexpected fire accidents.
Buying the most suitable barbeque, maintaining it properly either with professional service or on your own, and following the cooking instructions – all these are equally important for your personal safety as well as the safety of your property.

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