Thursday, 27 March 2014

Some Recent Trends in Bay Area Landscape Architecture

Whether you want to create an elegant retreat on the patch of green that you own or plan to build a party zone in your backyard landscape experts can help. Even when you are not sure on how to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden or make use of the available space, these professionals can come with a customized plan for you. If you are a resident in the Bay Area, knowing some recent landscape architecture trends will help you decide on what would be a good fit for your space. Here are some of these trends from which you can take your pick:
  • Terraced Gardens: Though a few houses in Bay Area still have boxwood hedges and rose gardens, they are increasingly given a miss in favor of more modern designs such as terraced gardens with less paving. If you have a forbidding slope of a backyard, you can ask your landscape expert to convert it into a functional terraced garden. Hillside sites too can benefit from such gardens.
  • Pools and Other Water Elements: While some prefer to have their pools rendered as ponds, some may like them to be relaxing spots. A pool could be constructed amongst native garden plantings that extend right to the water’s edge to give it a natural backdrop. You may even opt for a small pond with a water-catchment tower and a floating deck, aptly decorated with recycled fence boards and sculptural plantings to enhance the beauty of your landscape.
  • Lawns that Need Less Water: Homeowners in the region have become more conscious in their efforts to be conservative with water usage. That’s why instead of huge gardens and large lawns, more and more houses these days have lawns made of turf grasses or grasses that need less water.
  • Effective Irrigation System: With the improvement in irrigation methods and technology over the years, the landscaping scenario has changed drastically. Subterranean and drip irrigation as well as microspray and rotor technologies these days ensure a far more specialized mode of irrigation that distributes a specified amount of water more efficiently. In case you already have an existing sprinkler system, you can ask your landscaping professional to conduct irrigation audits to find out if any new installations or repairs are needed.
  • City Gardens: With limited space at their disposal, many homeowners are looking for a small yet relaxing patch of green where they can relax or host family parties/gatherings. Therefore, companies offering landscape services use layering elements to create depth of field, with sculptural elements and patterns to provide a visual treat. The objective in such cases is to design a stylish city garden.
People look for productive urban landscape designs that are tailor-made within their budget. What’s more, the emphasis is on conserving the environment while creating a space that has an unmatched aesthetic quotient to it. Thus, the job of a landscape architect is to strike a balance between colors, spaces and textures while creating an elegant green space for you. You can hire an experienced landscape professional right now to build your own getaway.

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