Thursday, 24 July 2014

How to Invite Wildlife into Your Landscape?

The landscape can be turned into a smorgasbord of delight for your wildlife friends provided you know the right tricks. There are homeowners who prefer a meticulous touch in order to attract natural world into their garden spaces while many don’t mind an unkempt touch but in an orderly manner.

Start by taking a closer look at your yard

Is your landscape having the right ingredients to attract nature? Does your yard have right kinds of plants that attract native birds and creatures? Are you supplying them with adequate water, food and protection? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then don’t worry! Butterflies and birds won’t be able to stay away from your charming garden.

What your yard should have to attract wildlife?

Your garden will turn into a riot of colors with lovely butterflies flying all around, provided there are ample plantings of lavender, butterfly bush or cinquefoil. To invite hummingbirds you can try plants like hollyhock, coral bells and currant. Yarrow, veronica and asters are great options for butterfly larvae.

Apart from these, there are other varieties of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees that can lure hummingbirds and butterflies towards your back/ front yard. Finally there is no problem designing your entire yard with plants available locally, in order to attract native wild species.

Prepare a year round food source

There might be migratory birds that fly over the locality and decide to stop in your yard to relax. Take for instance the San Francisco Bay Area. Being the largest estuary on the Pacific Coast, it is an ideal refuge for wide variety of winged creatures that include songbirds, shorebirds and raptors.

Make sure your garden has steady source of clean water to quench their thirsts, be it in the form of bird bath, dripper or misters. To prepare a bird-friendly landscape that assures year-round food supply, concentrate on assortment of plants. Fruiting plant can be great food source as it supplies birds and butterflies with seeds, saps, flowers and fruits almost throughout the year.

Give protection to wildlife

Birds and butterflies look for protection when they flock your landscape. So to make them feel secure, create a protective habitat. Some trees like pine or junipers help create dense habitat thus offering perfect cover for birds. Nature lovers also try out dense leafed deciduous shrubs and trees as well as weed and debris to design protective homes for their winged friends. Some even try out different types of decorative pieces or simple birdhouses to create that peaceful abode. Such garden decoration further renders an artistic touch to the overall ambiance.

To conclude

If it remains your dream to design that lively landscape where birds chirp and butterflies fly regally then you need to take proper care of it. Keep in mind that excessive spraying of chemicals might drive away birds and creatures from your backyard. So minimize chemical application as much as possible. Clean the place daily and weed out creepers or unwanted plants.

Finally, you can always consult professional landscapers to know how to accurately design a wildlife-centric yard.

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