Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gates & Fencing Ideas for your landscape

It is very important to keep your garden properly fenced in order to ensure safety and keep away stray animals. For most people, gates and fences are merely functional elements. But with some planning and creativity, you can make them attractive and as interesting as the plants that surround them. After all, gates and fences are wonderful ways to define your premises or provide a structure for the plants in your garden to grow up against. 

There exists a number of fencing and gates’ designs, from which you can take your pick based on what suits the aesthetics, as well as your budget and requirements. Here is a list of some fencing and gate designs to best suit your landscape:

Private fencing: If you choose to keep your outdoor spaces enclosed and separated from your neighbors on every side, this is the most appropriate design for you. You can choose fences with a wooden barrier, which are wall like partitions without any gaps that would separate you from the outside world. 

Picket fencing: What can be a better way to adorn your flower garden with a white picket fence? Since times immemorial, picket fencing has been most house owner's preferred choice. You can keep chickens and other animals away from your garden as these wooden fences have pointed pickets. Typically, picket fences are about three feet tall and adorn the front yard. You can protect your turf from pedestrians and other vehicles and at the same time, enjoy a view of the world outside. 

Pool fencing: A swimming pool is a prime asset of every landscape. If it is not properly fenced, it can become a headache. Most importantly, if you have children at home, fencing around a pool is a must. However, a solely adult community may choose to differ on the need of pool fencing. 

Deer fencing: Deers can destroy gardens, crops and vegetation overnight. People mostly living in rural and suburban areas can opt for this type of fencing. These barriers are usually 8 feet tall and the height should be able to withstand windy and stormy days. 

Split rail fencing: Usually whitewashed, this type of fencing is the traditional look for equestrian residences. High maintenance is needed to keep them in proper shape. 

Security fencing: Home invasion has become a common and dreadful scenario in today’s world. There are two things that need to be taken into consideration to build a security fence successfully. Firstly, it should be visually discouraging for intruders. Secondly, the designers have to make sure that it is impossible to get through the fence. Sometimes, these fences are also electrified so that when touched, the intruder will get injured. These fences are also accompanied with strong gates that are bolted and welded to make sure that the fencing is firm and sturdy.

Fencing and gate designs lay a very major role in giving an overall impression about the house owner. There are a wide variety of choices available for residential fences. Depending on the climate, your home d├ęcor and your priorities, you can set up the fencing around your house. You can choose vinyl, wood, wrought iron, aluminum or bamboo as the fencing materials. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons, which should be taken into consideration before making the final choice. In case you feel doing it all on your own is a tough task, you can hire professional landscape experts to help you select the right material and type of fencing, and get it erected with a design that boost the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

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