Monday, 28 October 2013

Some lawn maintenance services you can't do without

Plants, flowers and foliage make up your landscape. If you want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful lawn round the year, you need a comprehensive maintenance program in place that can keep your lawn clean and away from pests and other insects, apart from ensuring that its aesthetic quotient isn’t tampered with. 

Looking after the landscape on your own can be a tedious job; and may often cause a lot of trouble, especially if you can’t devote adequate time, patience or effort to get the tasks done. In such cases, it’s best to hire landscaping professionals to get the job done. There are many landscaping companies in the market that offer a bouquet of lawn maintenance services - starting from simple lawn care to extensive lawn maintenance, and almost everything in-between. 

Here are a few lawn maintenance services, which will collectively make sure that your lawn is in its best form all the time:  

Pruning: Hand pruning is performed on plants from time to time, ensuring that they grow in proper shape. 

Insect and disease control: This is one of the most vital areas of landscape maintenance. The infestation of insects in the lawn can cause severe diseases. The lawn needs to be free from such pests and insects to keep diseases at bay. Insecticides are sprayed from time to time to ensure that the plants do not become home to insects and pests. 

Weed control: Prevention is by far the most essential aspect of weed management and control.  Even if a negligible amount of weed establishes its infestation, management and control costs can shoot up considerably. This is why lawn maintenance professionals monitor and detect the source of weed accurately, and take necessary steps to combat weed growth.  

Hand weeding: Hand weeding is a practical method in which weed is removed with hands, implementing manual labor. This method can work best to demolish perennial weeds that generate periodically from underground plants. For this method to be carried out, the moisture content in the soil needs to be high so that the weeds can be pulled out easily.  

Ground cover control: Ground cover fabric is the easiest way to put a full stop to weeds. 

Fertilization of plant material: Fertilization is mandatory to ensure that your lawn gets all the nourishment that is necessary. Owing to environmental pollution and lack of proper space to grow crops and plants, it becomes a necessity to use proper fertilizers to give your foliage all the nourishment that it needs. 

Leaf removal: Dead leaves give a messed up and dirty look to your lawn. The decay of dead leaves can also cause fungal developments. Therefore, it is mandatory to remove dead leaves from time to time to keep your lawn lush green and attractive.   

Edging: This is done to keep your lawn in proper shape. Some shrubs tend to grow fast, thus making your lawn look clumsy. It is important to cut them regularly so that the area beneath receives proper sunlight and air. 

Tree maintenance: This includes climbing up trees, cutting unwanted branches or dead leaves. It forms an integral part of a good lawn maintenance service. 

Turf maintenance: If the turf area is affected by pests, it is very difficult to remove them. Use of proper fertilization, insecticide, pesticide and weed control not only extends the durability of your turf but also helps you get a lush green cover all round the year.  

You should never overlook any problems related to your landscape maintenance. It is very important to keep in mind that once your lawn is infiltrated, restoring it will burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it’s best to hire a landscaping professional and entrust them with the task of your lawn maintenance.

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