Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Landscaping Mistakes that can decrease yard appeal

Neglected and clumsy landscaping does not only spoil the look of a yard, it can also reduce the value of the property and make it difficult to sell. Real estate experts say that bad landscaping is a turnoff for buyers and can increase the total number of days a property remains in the market, which in turn hurts its price.

Here are a few landscaping mistakes that can bust a house’s overall appeal.

Planting with no plan in mind 

Some plant choices, such as begonias can last a season. Others such as trees, can last for a lifetime. So, make sure you take out time to plot and plan a yard that offers maximum appeal and enjoyment. It is best to speak with an expert when planning to renovate your yard. They will provide you with plant lists so that you can install the landscape correctly.


Planting in clusters is a lot better than installing soldier-like single plants all over your yard. But make sure your groups of shrubs, perennials, and trees have enough room to spread, or they will appear overgrown and choked. 

When potting the plants, make sure you find out how wide and high the mature plants will be, and then combine that information with the recommendations given on the planting labels. In the first three years, your garden beds will look prairie-like and airy. But soon they will fill up and transform the look of your curb.

Choosing plants that are not supported by the soil

Don’t give into the catalog plants that look fabulous on paper but are not suitable for the soil in your yard. You’ll end up with plants that demand winter covers, die prematurely, require daily watering, or need other exhaustive efforts to keep them well and alive.
Check the label of the plant to see which region it is best suited for.

Using the same plants everywhere

Avoid the temptation of filling your yard with a single plant species or shrub, which is bound to create a monochromatic, boring landscape. Instead, try mixing things a little. For instance, mix summer-blooming roses, spring-blooming azaleas and autumn- shrubs together. For winter color, try adding shrubs and plants that bloom in the chilly weather. 

Not removing the dead plants

Nothing ruins curb appeal quicker than rows of dying or dead perennials and shrubs. So remove the dearly departed quickly. Plants that have lived their lives make great candidates for compost. But in case your plants have been compromised by infestation or disease, it’s best to put them in plastic bags and throw them into trash.

Weeds allowed to breed

Weeds do not just spoil the landscaping, they start competing with the other plants for food and water. Weeds can also shorten the life of stone, brick, and pavers by budding between mortar cracks.

One of the best ways to stop weeds is to root them up before they start to flower and spread billions of weed seeds across your yard.

A tastefully landscaped yard can certainly add to the appeal of your house and make your experience more enriching. By making sure you do not commit the six mistakes mentioned above, you can surely expect great results from your efforts. However for best results, it is advised to hire a landscaping expert who has the skill and experience of transforming an average looking yard or curb into a scenic beauty.