Thursday, 23 July 2015

Country Garden Landscaping: 5 Great Ideas for You

Do you want to celebrate nature day in and day out? Crafting a country garden exuding old-world charm is the answer then.

A country garden wears a rustic appeal sans specific geometry. Perfect lines and precise curves are a no-no, but carry an informal air around. It is for those looking to have a casual yard with an abundant sprinkling of flowers, herb gardens and a bouquet of garden decorations thoughtfully structured.

Color your front yard

A fresh and lush front yard with colorful flowers is a good starter. Meandering paths through the garden offer an air of mystery.

Buy a mix of annual wildflower seeds and watch the vibrant drama unfold before your eyes. Hollyhocks, wild country blooms like delphiniums, peonies, campanula, and cornflowers are evergreen favorites. Isn’t nectar another good trophy - you get to host bees and butterflies too!

Put in fragrant flowers like sweet pea, oriental lily, and herbs for an added charm. For a touch of romance in the air, add red roses, or hydrangeas.

Added perk - a flower meadow is low on maintenance and no mowing worries.

Country garden decorations

There is no hard rule here. It is your greenscape you can play around with, but make sure not to jam-pack with too many elements.

A country garden is complete with a white picket fence. Add it on for an extraordinary backdrop for the flower meadow.

Get creative with containers. Glam up your yard with brightly painted planters. Convert a weathered wheel barrow, refurbish it with a spray of bright paint or leave it with a distressed look. You can make it a portable garden feature with a set of small herb pots.

Develop micro gardens in old gum boots when they are ready to retire. Paint quirky figures on them. Hang a rustic toolbox repurposed into a planter. Wicker basket, wooden containers, old bath tubs, kitchen sinks and metal buckets come in handy to be repurposed into one-of-its kind plant containers. The high point is you save on money but definitely add a charming allure to your garden.

Your worn out and rusted garden equipment are not for the trash can. Group them in a strategic place in your garden for a vintage appeal.

Take advantage of vertical space. Style your porch hanging a series of vertical planters flowing with color coordinated flowers.

Water feature

A pond is a great addition to a country garden for a cool spot in the warm summer. Frogs and dragonflies may be your visitors or even kingfishers, if you get lucky. Line the little pool of water with pebbles and mini rocks interspersed with water lilies, ornamental grasses and ferns to subdue the rocky texture.

A garden fountain with a favorite sculpture or two adds a classic touch to the atmosphere. You are sure to feel tranquil amidst the sound of flowing water and the dance of light on its surface.

Pave it right

From a good range of paving materials, you need to choose the right one based on your design setting, ease of availability, type of location, and budget.

Sandstone, gravel, slate, granite and limestone are the usual choices but one needs to choose the right material based on local availability, ease of working, durability, underfoot stability, suitability for the location, and maintenance. For professional support, engage a landscaping expert.


Another striking and inviting addition is a pergola at the entry with roses trailing over to scent the air. Do you want to ask for more?