Monday, 20 April 2015

Landscaping ideas for smaller spaces

Maximize the effect of your yard with the help of these landscaping ideas that work well for small yards, small gardens, and even backyards.

Create a view with pergolas               

Pergolas and arbors are classic small yard landscaping ideas that help in offering a grand feel to the garden. They are a great way to frame a view. However, if pergolas are not your thing, you can create the same effect with small trees, shrubs, or even pieces of garden art.

Create small zones

Breaking open areas of a small space is a great way to make it seem larger. You can make use of different paths and furniture groupings that divide a small yard and transform it into an attractive and peaceful seating nook.

Make effective use of color

Place bright, bold colors in front of other plants where you'll be able to view them. The rest of the garden landscape that falls beyond the bold colored flora will seem to recede, helping the yard to feel larger.

Using the power of perspective

Straight, long lines trick you into thinking that a small garden or small yard landscape is bigger than it actually is. To take advantage of this, create a focal point by slightly slanting the far ends of the lines toward each other. You can enhance the look by repeating rows of flowers.

Boost the interest of the backyard

Sometimes the best idea for small yard landscaping is to mix it up with interesting elements that provide dramatic visual relief. The mix of lawn, paving materials, container plantings, and hardscape can add enough interest to a back yard garden that you hardly take notice of the size of the yard.

Backyard destination

Create a backyard destination with welcoming chairs and a fire pit. Placing the seating spot right off the patio and creating a secondary seating spot close to the fence helps the small yard to look and feel more spacious.

Take advantage of texture and foliage

Bold and big tropical plants create a green, lush feel, particularly in a small landscape. Their unusual shape and large leaves can change the scale of a backyard to help it seem larger.

Place vertical plants, not horizontal

It's a good idea to look for trees and shrubs that grow vertically. Try using dwarf varieties for a backyard that lacks space. Apart from this, you can use more columnar evergreens.

Create a focal point

Creating a focal point is a great landscaping idea that helps to draw people’s attention and help outdoor spaces look neat and tidy. A simple seating area with vertical planters can offer a peaceful nook.

Skip the Lawn
If you love plants and don’t really need a lawn, and have a small backyard, skip planting grass entirely. Include walking paths and stagger the plants for height.

Streamline the backyard

Decreasing visual clutter is also a great landscaping idea that helps to create a sense of order and calm. The best way to do this is to maintain a devotion to either a few plants, or a single tone of color.

Raise the areas

You can offer a sense of height to a small backyard by raising up plantings. Try formal raised beds and retaining walls combined with other features, such as stairs. You will help create a beautiful visual distraction from the deficiency of square footage.

If beautifying your small yard, garden, or backyard seems difficult then its best to get in touch with landscaping experts. They can offer the best advice and help you create your dream yard.