Monday, 29 June 2015

Adding Quality to Your Home Life: 4 Useful Landscaping Ideas

It is often the case that you are disturbed by your garden eyesores and those in the immediate neighborhood. Also the passersby are distracted by these monstrosities, instead of being drawn by the pleasant view of your garden.  How would you deal with those irritants?  Here are 4 useful landscaping ideas to add quality to your home life. 

Screening eyesores outside the garden fence

Utility poles that support power, telephone and cable television lines along your fence can surely be an eyesore. Even rooflines in the vicinity can  spoil the view of your landscape.  A tall hedging  and screening seems to be the natural answer to this problem. But it has a diminutive effect on your garden which you wouldn’t like at all.A viable alternative could be to use plants of varying heights and textures in many layers to create a thick and rich floral screen.  This would annul the unseemly distraction of the eyesores outside the garden fence.

Hiding from view installations and fittings within the fence

It is just not the case that all landscaping dampers are outside your fence. There are several ‘insiders’ that demand your attention and action like your HVAC machinery, propane tanks and downspouts. These installations and fittings are utility oriented, and so how well they go with your landscape is generally of the least concern.

However, there is ample diversity of attractive rain cuffs or metal drainpipes available for you  – pleasing to the eye with captivating glaze and polish. You can think of replacing the worn out old order downspouts  with  these new order ones which will surely lend aesthetic support to your landscape. And you won’t regret it.

There is a very pleasant solution with greens to tackle the unwelcome view of the other ‘insiders’ – your HVAC machinery and propane tanks: with the guidance of a landscape expert you can create an aesthetic screening of foliage of different colors, textures, larger and smaller dimensions, and shapes and shadows

Surface Water Draining

You may be a great landscape lover, and yet you may not know that a crucial factor – poor drainage structures – can play havoc with your  landscape. Rainfall is quite essential  for augmentation of ground water level. However, frequent and persistent rainfalls can adversely  affect your landscape. You need to have a good drainage structure in place to maintain quality landscape. 

Noise absorption

May be it’s news to you that your landscape, if properly designed, can help you combat noise pollution inside and around. Woody plants with thick and rough bark, and large and thick leaves can absorb sounds. The wider the taller and the thicker the greenery,the less would be the disturbing noise level.