Monday, 15 August 2016

Water efficient LANDSCAPES In California

The largest use of all urban water is watering landscapes. When a landscape or irrigation system is poorly designed or poorly maintained, or the landscape consist of plants not suited to the dry and often hot California climate, water demand increases as a result of extensive evaporation, leaks, and runoff.

The truth is;

Water consumption can be greatly reduced with careful planning, good plant selection, efficient irrigation systems, and good eater maintenance practices. Since California experiences frequent and sometimes prolonged droughts together with and  increasing demand, there is a great need for us to use water efficiently. But this doesn't mean we have to give up our gardens.

The solution is;

We can water more efficiently and still have colorful, esthetically pleasing landscapes including some turf areas for recreation. This article is intended to help you create a landscape that is not only water efficient, but attractive, colorful and low maintenance. The designs illustrated here will give you a clear idea on how you can save water and money, by switching over to a water smart garden. The principles of water efficient gardening apply to front and back yards as well. 

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